One Four Challenge; Winter Fork In The Road (Monochrome)

Just like writing a third album the third week of the One Four Challenge can be in itself a challenge. Of course there is an unwritten rule in this challenge that one week an image needs to go Monochrome. This week, is that week.

For this image monochrome was going to be an interesting balance, there is a lot of highlights in the snow and I had to be careful not to completely blow out the detail I had manged to get in last weeks image. I wanted to go for a film feel with the black and white; something people will look at and not jump  and think it is a digital image.

Winter Fork in the Road 3

I created a virtual copy of lasts week picture in Lightroom reset all the settings and then synced; clone, sharpening and noise reduction. I had and idea of what black and white toning might work,  I applied a preset i created a while ago I jokingly named Daguerreotype. This preset is really just a strangely contrasted black and white preset. I tweaked the basic adjustments to stop tones from being clipped. I applied a few local adjustments to emphasize the path more, sharpen and lighten the shadow detail in the trees. I also added a slight split toning to give bit more depth and subtle contrast.

Overall I think the black and white transformation has worked well and it does have a slight film feel to it.

What do you think about the changes, let me know in the comments below.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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28 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Winter Fork In The Road (Monochrome)

  1. Ben, you make me desire Lightroom! Fabulous job on each of these edits Although I tend to prefer contrasty images as in the first one, I actually am split between Week 2 and 3 this time. I think because the man is almost lost in the dark in #1. However, the more I look, the more I am enticed by all the frostiness of this week’s image!

    • Lightroom is a very good editor and IMHO not badly priced at $10 a month with photoshop included.
      The tricky balance I find with this image is the contrast vs the details. In the trees it seems that it is very contrasted with gone details over lapping. Of course to much balancing leaves the man getting lost as the moves to the trees. This is something to think about for next week.

  2. Just to let you know that I get notices of your new posts in my email, but for the last week when I click on the name of the post (to go directly to it) I’ve been getting a page that says “page not found”. I have no idea how you fix that – but yours is the only WordPress Blog notice that gets a response like that. PS I still like the first week best, because for me that is the colour of winter.

    • It is not just you that has been having issues with posts, I have had the same with ping backs and things not appearing in the reader. Something strange is going on.
      I also like the rich colours in week one as well.

  3. Excellent edits, I really like the black and white one, I think it works really well. I love Lightroom, so easy to edit non-destructively and create such different images.

  4. I like this one a lot too Ben! It conveys the cold and greyness of winter beautifully and on this screen, there still seems to be some warmth in the foreground shadows. I love it. Your film preset is great! This is my favourite of the 3 so far. Nice work 😃😃
    We do have an unspoken monochrome or BW week dont we? It works 😀

  5. Ben, I really like this image. The path and the figure really stand out and draw you in. Of the images so far, this one seems to tell (or hint at!) a story.

  6. Nice! I’m feeling a theme – from my perspective – with your edits this week. For me they change in ‘time’ – I think I see things this way a lot 🙂 – and I do see the film reel effect you were going for. It looks 1960s – 70s to me and it works.

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