An Orchid Splendor

an orchid splendor


I don’t have much to say as the splendor of the orchid speaks for itself.

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9 thoughts on “An Orchid Splendor

  1. Orchids are so beautiful, two of mine have just started to come into bloom again so I am looking forward to taking photos of them again. This looks really good against the black, did you just place black card behind one flower to isolate it?

    • To be honest Karen there is a bit of trickery here. I photographed the orchid against a white background and the stem was in the way on the right. I removed it in photoshop and was left with a white background. Still not impressed in lightroom I converted the picture to black and white, inverted the curves to get the black background and the added colour back with split toning.

      I am glad it tooks real and not computer fakery. 🙂

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