Squirrel!!!!! Part 2 The Squirrels Strike Back

A suggested alternative title for this post was “Don’t feed them you’ll get rabies!”, after the comment my Mother-in-law made after hearing that we were feeding squirrels. I will admit yes, in the gallery below these are wild squirrels and we were paying them in nuts to compensate their time and for having annoying humans with cameras taking their picture. They were taking nuts straight from my wife’s hand, had they bit her we would have had to have gone to the hospital for a tetanus shot. These squirrels are slightly tame, since they live in a metropolitan area and are used to people being around.

When we headed out this time we were armed with hazelnuts which gave the Squirrels an incentive to come to us as well as staying still for some pictures. What we did find funny was that the squirrels would take the nuts and then bury or hide them. Although squirrels will create stores of food, they have not spatial awareness and don’t always remember where they left their food.

Click on the thumbnails to see the images in a higher resolution. 

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15 thoughts on “Squirrel!!!!! Part 2 The Squirrels Strike Back

  1. I LOVE these Ben.. They are wonderful and comical and make me laugh out loud!! Such a gorgeous crazy little creature – love those ears! Im glad no rabies was encountered in the filming of these squirrels 😜
    Thanks to your wife for helping!

  2. Great images! I love the moss on the ground too! My husband and I are big time squirrel enthusiasts! 🙂 We fed a squirrel a cracker once and he took it into a bush, hung upside-down, and ate it in rows across the top (like a typewriter… chomp chomp chomp ding slide chomp chomp…) it was the funniest thing. 😀

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