One Four Challenge; Fork in the Road (Monochrome Contrasted)

Thinking about how I was going to edit my final image I thought of going all out and doing something crazy. I then looked back at the previous edits of this month and I decided to go with symmetry.
I started the month with a slightly contrasted colour version of the image that I made less contrast on the second week. Last week my image was a nice bright black and white; I decided this week to go slightly darker and contrasted, similar to the colour version of week one.

Fork in the Road 4

I created a new virtual copy in Lightroom and reset all the settings before copying the clone adjustments, because I really didn’t want to do all that again. I clicked on black and the toning and moved the sliders around until I got the tone that I was looking for; most settings were in the negative. I made some slight global adjustments to stop clipping and tweak the shadows and highlights. I brightened the man up a little so he wasn’t a black blob and also added a slight split tone to the image.

Compared to last week I feel that this image is much more sinister and imposing that lasts week.

Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in a higher resolution

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this weeks image and which is your favourite of the challenge.

Next month (April) the challenge is going on a one month break, But I will be looking back at the challenge so far and seeing what ultimate edit I can make.

Remember to check out Robyn’s post as she is the creator of the challenge.

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29 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Fork in the Road (Monochrome Contrasted)

  1. This is a wonderful series Ben and I do like what youve achieved this week. 2 and 4 grab my attention. I do love BW though and the slight tone really adds something so week 4 has my vote 😃 Nice work.
    Will look forward to your ulimate edit in April. Enjoy!!

    • Thanks Robyn, I am not sure how the ultimate edit will work yet. Possibly look back at comments of the most popular image and refine what I did.
      I am glad you like week four as it is nice version . I am still unsure what I like the best though.

  2. So I like Wk 2 & how you transformed it into a more spring-like forest appearance (albeit with a decent layer of snow ;)). Wk 3 took me back in time, decades. Now Wk 4 changes the time of day for me, it makes me think of being in that forest, at that fork in the path as the sun sets. I really like the sharpness and depth of the shadows, as well it highlights not only the path but the depth of the path. So Wk 4 is my fav for this month because I feel it carries more emotion, it tells more of a story than the others.

    Oh & btw, in Wk 2 it looks like you captured – whether you did or not – the cloud of breath as the man exhaled in the cool air. 😉

  3. Great picture to use for your edits, my favourite is week 4, the higher contrast black and white has really accentuated the lines of the trees and the perpendicular shadows on the ground. It has a touch more character and yes it looks more sinister!

  4. I think I like week 3 best, the bright snow really makes me feel the winter cold of the image. I do like the slight blue tone to week 4, but I like the brightness of week 3… so my vote is really close. 😀

    • Week three does have a lighter tone and I can understand the it being a close choice. I think that since it is a close vote for you says that these two images are working well.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment nice.

  5. I like them all however week 3 and 4 are my favorite and each for a different reason. I agree week 3 seems cold and a little lonely with week 4 seeming dark and a bit dangerous. Can’t explain why that is what they felt to me. Nice photo.

    • Hi week 3 and 4 are very interestingly toned. The dangerous feeling in week four is probably the contrast and the loneliness of week three is from the brighter and softer contrast.
      I am glad you like the edits.

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