First Macros of Spring

When buying my macro lens this year and my extension tubes last year, I was aiming to get up close and personal with nature. I took quite a few macro shots during the winter and was surprised by what I got and how much it opened my eyes to the world around me. Now spring has officially started I have headed out again with optimism that with the experience of winter will bring new life to my macro photos of spring.
Opening Leaves

I really like this shot of leaves beginning to unfurl. I used to always think that there was a conspiracy in nature and overnight all the trees would open their leaves at the same time. This picture disproves that idea.
Fresh Leaves in the Afternoon sun

Once the leaves have begun to open, I loved how they just play with the light. The green being slightly translucent and turning yellow in the afternoon light.

Daisies are a popular macro subject because they are easy to find and small. I like to get down to the dasiy’s level, especially as they push through the grass and bathe in the sun.
Fly cleaning

I was chimping like mad when I saw I got this shot, I have a feeling I will print it quite large. Although you can see detail in the fly the, high res version zoomed in blew my mind. The fly was about 3mm long and was just washing its face on the bud of this plant.

Insects strolling on a twig

The other thing I like about taking macro photos is that you have to do research on what you photograph. This is sometimes not so easy. I am still not 100 percent sure what these critters are, but I  have homed it down to some sort of true bug; not close to naming them at all to be honest.
Bugs swaming on fresh leaves

I did spend about 30 minutes photographing these guys and they were really active in the sun, heading into the shade they were a bit more relaxed and much better subjects.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my first crop of macro shots for spring.

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34 thoughts on “First Macros of Spring

  1. Great macros Ben, I cannot wait to get my macro lens outside. I saw my first bee a couple of weeks ago, so I am itching to get out and shoot the wildlife in my garden when the sun decides it will shine at the weekend or on my day off work.

  2. It’s a good feeling getting out there, ready camera at the ready ! You’ve shown us a great selection Ben … it pays to be patient in capturing the little things in life 🙂 Bet there is someone who can help identify your critters . Amazing macros !

  3. Good Shots! I love my macro lens sooooooo much. And yes, it really does change the way one perceives the world. I am waiting for such opportunities, but we still have the brown, bizarre shapes of winter everywhere. It takes a little longer, this year, but that’s okay. Got pics like yours to tie me over 😉

    • Last year spring started in march but then was wiped out by a freak freeze and then everything started again. I just go out and look for anything sometimes and always find something.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Melanie.

      • It’s started now! The first buds have come out. We are having stormy weather now but things are improving. It will only take a little sun and there will be a green explosion 😉 Also my tulips are getting higher and higher and I saw the first head!
        Any time, by the way 😉

      • I saw the first ones, too, down in the old part of town. Looked really pretty! Crocuses have been here all along but I got tired of them very quickly :-/

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