One Four Challenge Ultimate Edit; Candle With Leaves

Robyn over at captivate me has come up with a cool challenge to edit a picture 4 ways called, One Four Challenge. The idea is that you choose one picture for the month, each week edit the shot differently and share it. At the end of the month you will have four different images. You can read more about the challenge here.

The one four challenge is taking a break during April. I am going back through the previous months challenges and reading the comments to work out what would be the ultimate edit.
I went back to the first One Four Challenge in November and my Candle With Leaves image taken on All Saints Day. From reading the comments it felt like what people liked was the black and white processing and double exposure, there was also a lot of love for split toning as well but not as much.

Candle with leaves-Ultimate

I started by creating a new double exposure with another shot taken that evening of candles on the grave. I added a high contrast black and white conversion to add some high speed film feel. I added some grain to add some more texture to the image and applied a very light split toning to add some depth in the image. The final touch was to use shadow and highlights to tidy up the contrast.

Also here are the original edits for the November One Four Challenge. You can also find all my One Four Challenge Posts Here

Let me know in the comments what you think of this ultimate edit.

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7 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Ultimate Edit; Candle With Leaves

  1. I think this edit is my favorite. The double exposure with the candles adds a nice ambiance to the entire picture. I like the grain and the black and white. Then again, I always love your edits 🙂

    • It is good to know that you like the way I edit my work. I liked the feel of the double exposure as it added more lights to the picture and gave it a bit more depth. Thanks for taking the time to comment Kirsten it is much appreciated.

  2. It is always interesting going back to older images and seeing what you can add further to them. Love this final edit. But the others are great as well. My first favourite is week 1

    • I think it is also interesting looking back at the comments with fresh eyes and trying to create something from the suggestions. To be honest This picture was quite hard to edit off the bat and I am amazed I got four and now five out of them. I am not sure which is my favourite but it is good to know week one is a winner for you. Thanks for commenting Raewyn.

    • Candle light can be hard depending on conditions. If there is a breeze the movement of the flame can be a problem although it can look like liquid as it moves with a longer exposure.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Amy.

  3. Hi Ben 😃 Going back through your comments is a great approach.
    I definitely liked the B&W and Double Exposure. No idea how I voted now, but I like your Ultimate edit. It does feel like much more is happening around it now and has a less solitary feel ( I also liked that solitary feel.)
    Im enjoying the way people are looking at our past months and I do like your review 😃😃

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