Wordless Wednesday; Captivity

Monkey Captivity

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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday; Captivity

    • He was a very interesting subject as he was obsessed with the corner of the exposure. all the other monkeys were running around and he was just looking past everyone looking at him. This picture really does show what i dislike about zoo’s but also I understand why some animals are kept in zoos especially when they are endangered. It is a catch 22 situation.

    • It is sad in a way because I know he wants to be running free. They keep them indoors during the winter as it is too cold for them outside but in the summer they do open the doors to an outside area where they have more room to run around.

      • Yesss….I felt that from his expression that he wanted to be free. It’s good they care for him though and don’t let him get frost bite! He’s so cute.

  1. Ben you caught the most poignant moment for this dear creature, and if we could read his thoughts of being caged for human eyes to look at – well don’t you wonder? One of the reasons I can’t go to zoo’s ~

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