Squirrel!!!!!! Part 3 Hungry Hungry Squirrels

This week one of my students asked if he could tag along while I took some photos, to learn more about his DSLR. Of course I said, yes. After some confusion over why he has a Nikon Camera (shooting Cannon I was bamboozled over what “Nikon Is” 🙂 ) and running over some basics, we headed to my favourite squirrel spot with a bag of nuts. One of the big tips I gave him was to shoot with shutter priority and worry more about getting the shot as the squirrels move fast. Also I advised him not to chimp at the back of the camera after every shot as you will miss opportunities, but check the back of the camera when there is a lull in squirrel activity to adjust your settings.

The day was overcast so I set my white balance to cloudy, I also shot in shutter priority at 1/250 since with IS I could get sharp shots at 300mm. I switched between ISO 800 and 1250 depending on what the light was doing as there were moments when the sun kind of broke through and then receded. After three hours we got some good shots and the squirrels seemed to be well fed.

Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in a higher resolution. All pictures edited with adobe Lightroom except Squirrel Motion Blur which was edited in Adobe Photoshop to add a larger motion blur.

Robyn from Captivate Me suggested/joked in the comments of Thirsty Squirrel, that maybe all these squirrel pictures were a start of a series. To be honest it is starting to feel that way, but I am not sure where the series will take me so I am holding off calling it that in case I jinx myself.

I would love to know what you think of the pictures and if you have a favourite from this set.

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24 thoughts on “Squirrel!!!!!! Part 3 Hungry Hungry Squirrels

  1. Good morning, Ben. First row of 3 are my favorites (hard to pick one… even picking 3 is not easy 😉
    Do you move your camera in the speed that your object is moving?

    • Hi Helen, when panning the camera I try to move at the same speed as the subject, keeping the subject in roughly the same place in the frame. It can be a little tricky at first but once you have got the hang of it the results are worth the work.

  2. Great photos and info about shooting in darker light. My favourite shots are those where the background is more green than the orange as the squirrels tended to blend in with the similar coloured backgrounds.

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