Weekly Photo Challenge; Afloat

I really liked this theme for the weekly photo challenge, Afloat, as there was a lot of freedom to make a creative image. I could take a picture high up looking down, drop a subject and freeze it with a fast shutter speed or find something floating and document that.

I liked the idea of using the camera to make something float. Apart from using a fast shutter speed, which I did last year in a self portrait, I can use my aperture to manipulate the depth of field to make something seem to be floating.
Depth of field is the width of the area in focus in the picture. Depth of field is controlled by the aperture and the closeness you are to a subject. The wider open the aperture (f/1.4 for example) will give a very narrow depth of field and a very small aperture (f/64 for example) will have a much wider depth of field with more in focus. As you move closer to the area you are focusing on, you will also make the depth of field narrower as well.

With this idea I went looking for a subject with camera in hand and began playing with different subjects using a shallow depth of field. I came across a scattering of white wild flowers, I believe they  are called Sharp-lobed Hepatica ( If I am wrong, let me know). I started photographing the flowers focusing on centre and bracketed the aperture to try and get the best depth of field to isolate the subject. There were two things I was looking for, one the subject to be generally fully in focus and a smooth creamy tone for the flower to float in.


Sharp-lobed Hepatica A Float

I settled in the end with f/2.8 . The flower does feel and look afloat in the sea of green. The Depth of field is quite shallow as the tips of the petals on the near side are quite soft as well as some of the filaments.
I processed the image Lightroom and just made basic adjustments to the colour and contrast as well as sharpening.

I would love to know what you think of image and my interpretation or the challenge in the comment box below.

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