Project365; 6 Months In and Still Awesome

Back in October I started a little Photo a Day challenge, which was only going to last a month. I had the idea of using Lego figures and a prompt list by FMSPhotoaday to create the series of photos. Having so much fun with the challenge it rolled over and over,  now I have to admit this is a 365 project. In March I decided to change where I got my prompts from to shake up the project, but also because I wanted to have a monthly list of prompts instead of weekly. I after some surfing on the net I found a list of prompts  by TheIdeaRoom and used them.

I have been asked, why do I use prompts? The reason is that they keep the project fresh and I can’t lose inspiration because someone is planning the theme of the picture. I will admit I sometimes think a bit outside the box when it comes to interpreting the themes.

All were photographed with a Canon G10 using a combination of on camera flash, natural light and lamps. 90% of editing took place in Lightroom, if Photoshop was used it was usually for combining exposures.

If you wish to follow the daily posts of this self imposed challenge you can on Instagram and you can see previous months here.

Let me know your thoughts of March’s pictures in the comment box below.

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15 thoughts on “Project365; 6 Months In and Still Awesome

  1. I always look forward to your lego photos. I really enjoy your interpretation of the prompts and your interesting, engaging compositions. My kids love looking at these blog posts too since they are lego nuts. They are going to be so jealous that you have that little black and white girl. They had been desperate to get her in a packet but never found her.

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