Weekly Photo Challenge; Motion

There are many ways to capture Motion in photography; using a quick shutter speed to freeze motion, a longer one to blur motion as well as panning to freeze and blur motion at the same time. There are also cinemagraphs where you can have motion and freeze scene at the same time.

Cinemagraphs are digital photographs with an element of the image moving while the rest of the image is still. The effect works best where two things should be moving in a scene and only one is. Cinemagraphs are made by combining a series of photographs together to create an animation or taking a series of video frames and lopping them together. Either way it creates a picture which is close to the photographs you would see in Harry Potter. You can see how I make my cinemagraphs here. 



With this cinemagraph I also wanted to make the glass and liquid to stand out more. I added a black and white adjustment layer and used the pen tool to select the glass and coaster to mask them out of the adjustment.
The only thing I dislike about this cinemagraph is that the loop is not 100% smooth as the tv was on and I caught the reflection in the liquid of the glass.

What do you think of my interpretation of the theme “motion”, have you had any experience making cinemagraphs? let me know in the comments below or just say hi if you like.

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Motion

  1. Very clever. I really like the play and I learn something new about making a cinemagraph. Now, if I have a Photoshop… haha.

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