Mottled Beetle

Since I got my macro lens I have been using solely by itself. It has worked really well and I have been pleased with the investment. Last year when I got really hooked on the macro bug while using a mixture of extension tubes to get a close up view of the world. and this week I finally mixed extension tubes with my macro lens to let me get a lot closer and personal with my subject.

Whenever you add extension tubes the exposure is going to increase; you are closer to the subject, you have less ambient light as you get closer and the lens has gotten longer. The smallest movement sends any subject in and out of focus not to mention out of composition.
I went to a new park to test out my new combo for macro and was hit with a lack of interesting subjects. In the end I did stumble across this brown mottled beetle munching on some blossom. I am not sure of his name, but I am sure in time I will discover what he is called.

Click on the Thumbnails to see the pictures in a Higher Resolution

All pictures except “Arh a Camera” taken with a 90mm Macro Lens +32mm extension tube. “Arh a Camera” taken with only a 90mm Macro  Lens. All pictures edited in Adobe Lightroom CC.

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16 thoughts on “Mottled Beetle

  1. My macro and Lensbaby lenses are my favorite lenses to use in the Spring. I am so happy I was able to add them to my kit.
    Your images are lovely! I don’t know the name of the beetle, but he’s neat.

    That problem of going out of focus with each breath or pulse beat has me Jonesing for a macro rail. I hope to have one next year.

    • I think a macro rail is great esp in studio, not much = when I go out and about as I don’t normally take my tripod with me. Macro and lensbaby sounds like a great idea will need to find a cheap Lensbaby to give it ago.

    • Thanks Julie, He sure was having a great lunch, just a shame I had to bug him. I am wondering if this is first colour as he matures and later he will look slightly different.
      Thanks for your comment Julie.

  2. Such a fun subject. Interesting info about extensions. I once had macro filters that I placed on my lens. It made for some interesting affects. In particular the DOF area. I had a lot of fun with it.

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