Weekly Photo Challenge; Intricate

When I get super close up with my macro lens I get to see all the Intricate details of the world. It is amazing just going around the house finding objects I see every day that seem not that detailed, yet under my macro lens there are tiny intricate details that I have never seen before.

One of the problems when you have to get this close up is the depth of field vanishes sometimes to slices smaller than a mm. Focus stacking is one of the solutions, as long as you have the patience to  shoot and then edit. Focus stacking is when you take a series of images with a different focus point and combine the images to create a wider depth of field ( have more in focus).
I am not the best at focus stacking and I will hold my hands up to that. I usually miss a shot or think that I got a shot and I didn’t. Fortunately this time I managed to get enough shots and after some hard work (or my computer doing the hard work) I created an intricate picture of a pencil.


Pencil Macro

The above picture is made up of 38 shots and only has about 4mm of the pencil in focus. I took the picture with 65mm stacked extension tube + reversed 18mm lens. I used an ikea lamp and ttl flash to light the picture. I aligned and blended via stacking in photoshop and then edited the picture in Lightroom.

What do you think of my interpretation of this week’s theme? Are there any other house hold objects you could recommend I photograph in the same way. Let me know in the comments below or just say hi if you like.

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Intricate

    • Normally for a deeper depth of field I would use a small aperture but this is not always the sharpest aperture so I usually stick to about f/16. when outdoors I light my macro subjects with a ttl flash with a homemade diffuser to soften the flash. With this picture I used this plus two Ikea spot lamps that I also defuse to make their light softer. I am not a fan of flash lights because of their colour temperature when mixed with the flash.

  1. Awesome shot; I don’t think I’d have guessed it was a pencil! I love the way you’ve captured a sort of ethereal quality, and I really enjoyed your explanation of your working method. Fantastic interpretation of the challenge!

      • It’s the transformation aspect that I really love. By not “knowing” what I’m looking at, I’m free to examine what I see and to allow my imagination play. Or something like that (I do tend to overthink things 🙂 )

  2. very nice photo – as an educator I find pencils funny for all sorts of reasons, but pencils or rather pencil sharpening means kids getting up moving around the room and disturbing class to sharpen their pencil at inappropriate times – it made me laugh to show a pencil up close and personal. I can clearly see the grinding on the graphite and wood…. nice shot. Have a wonderful week.

    • Oh yeah kids and their pencils. In class I control the pencil sharpener so it stops uncessary trips. It is and interesting perspective I also like the grinding marks it was on of the things that drew me to photographing it.
      Thanks for popping over to comment.

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