Focusing Through The Blur

Blossom Beyond the blur

I have noticed, well of course I would, and that for the last two weeks I have missed my post goal for the week. Last year I made a deal with myself that I would post Monday to Friday and leave the weekends free to take photos and life stuff. I think I have done well but this May has been a busy one with work (my regular job teaching), photography and then life.

Although I know running a blog is like having a second job for me though this is supposed to be an extension of my love for photography and not a chore. I also know that recently I have dropped the ball and have not been visiting others blogs as often as I would want to. For the next month though I may miss posting some days as the school term comes to a close.
I will guarantee three posts that I know you guys enjoy; One Four Challenge on Mondays, Digital Darkroom on Tuesdays and the After Before Forum on Fridays they may not be posted exactly on the right day and like this week maybe a day late.

There have also been requests about the digital darkroom having a video element for the more visual learner. This is something I am not averse to doing. I am thinking in the summer when I have more time to put together such videos and they will update old Digital Darkroom posts as Bonus Material. If this interest you let me know in the comments so I can gauge the appetite.

Please feel free to use the comment box below if you have any comments or suggestions.

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13 thoughts on “Focusing Through The Blur

  1. I am very much in favor of videos, though I recognize that would mean a lot of additional work for you. All too often I do only a cursory amount of post-processing and know I would benefit from spending more time on it.

    • Hi Mike, half the work for a video is knowing what to say, and since the digital darkroom posts are already written it is the recording and editing which will try and plan so it is as little as possible. I think the combination of videos and written posts will help a lot of people.

  2. Hi Ben, I feel your pain! I too have been running short of time, for blogging and for reading other people’s posts! like you my blogging started innocently enough, as an extension of my photography. It is good to have goals, they help keep us on track, but occasionally they need to be re-evaluated. Good luck to your new scheduled and I will look forward to seeing some training videos.

    • The new plan is really the old plan with less pressure. In a few weeks when final grades are handed in and we get to the silly season of the last two weeks of term, I can then see getting back to normal.
      I think blogging can be so much fun yet there is a point when I think we add a lot of presume to ourselves to push out content.

    • The best advise is to use a long lens and a small aperture as this creates the narrowest depth of field. If you use a wide angle lens then you will find it harder to do this as easily unless you get as close as possible to the subject.

  3. Great tie in between image and writing. Your image is such a treat, what a beautiful blurred in just the right places, in focus image. I have a long way to go to learn this technique.
    As for blogging, I have learned there is an ebb and flow to life and blogging too. I can see it is not for a lack of inspiration, your posts are hearty and thoughtful which take lots of time. Add in looking and reading other followers posts and you could be at your computer all day everyday. The balance of how much you can give is a shifting target. I learn a lot from your blog, your screen shots are so helpful and I am sure videos would be as well. Good luck in the coming months finding the balance!

  4. I like your tutorials here and on your website. They very much detailed and easy to follow, i edited a few photos following your instructions, and although i dont use PS, i managed to do some great stuff. I dont spend much time with blogging and photo editing these days, but i would definitely be interested in video tutorials.

  5. The videos are a great idea. Do you have a You Tube channel as you could then put the link to your videos there so that we could watch them without having to go through all your old blogs.

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