One Four Challenge; Hanging Blossom Mixed Media

The one four challenge is where you take one picture and over a month each week edit the picture in a different way.  At the end of the month you have four different images and four different interpretations of the image. You can read more about the challenge here.

Last week the watercolour edit of the Hanging Blossom went down quite well. I really couldn’t think of another way to edit this picture apart from doing a soft colour version, something like week two’s black and white edit. I was looking at the flowers and the branch and thought that it could be the beginning of a pattern. My thoughts continued to churn and I decided to create a pattern and play with it a bit.

Hanging Blossom Mixed Media

Really this image was created in stages. First was separating the blossom from the image and creating the pattern that can be seen repeating in the background. I did this using threshold to create a black silhouette of the blossom and then duplicated and rotated it several times. Slowly I built up the overall pattern and then defined it as a pattern and applied it to a new layer.
Secondly, I separated the blossom again this time using a mask and paint stroke brushes. I then duplicated and rotated the blossom into the same pattern.
Thirdly to tie it all together I continued using brushes and textures to bring the whole image together.

When I look at the image I can imagine this being found by some urbanex photographer with layers of paint layered, scrapped and painted on.

As this is the last week of May the challenge for this month is over, I would love to know which image is your favourite and what your thoughts are of this weeks image? Let me know in the comment again.

Also remember to check out Robyn’s post for this week.

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11 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Hanging Blossom Mixed Media

  1. Ive so enjoyed your image this month Ben and I like this step into design. The layers are very interesting – finding the flower all over. I really like your thoughts about paint and layers too 😃
    Choosing a favourite is difficult this month. I like the different ideas, but Im still drawn to the monochrome. Lovely softness and light. Nice work or play 😜

    • I like the monochrome version as well, one of the reasons I didn’t want to make.a soft color version. I am glad you liked the evolution of this week’s image and the the slight shift into design.

  2. I think this one is my favorite. I always have such a hard time choosing a favorite when it comes to your edits. Each one is so unique and a peek into the creativity of your mind. I’m also partial to the monochrome 🙂

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