Corpus Christi in Oporow

Today is Corpus Christi a festival celebrating the blood and body of Jesus. Here in Poland it is a free day and since it is a thursday the beginning of a long weekend. My wife and I went to her mother’s house and went on a drive to castle near by. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the castle because in the village of Oporow we nearly drove over a beautiful Sawdust Carpet.

A Sawdust Carpets are one or more layers of sawdust and other materials laid on the ground in traditional patterns, for religious processions that walk over. Sawdust Carpets are very traditional in Latin American countries as well as Spain and Italy. In Polish cities it is traditional for flower girls to scatter flowers at the head of processions. However in the countryside they create Sawdust Carpets with flowers. The Designs are made in the morning with processions starting at about 11am. Once the procession is over the Sawdust Carpets are brushed away.

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6 thoughts on “Corpus Christi in Oporow

  1. Jak się masz? That’s all the Polish I know. My husband’s Grandfather immigrated to the States in 1903 from Poland. 🙂 Those sawdust carpets are gorgeous! Way back in the day my son did a project on a country of his heritage and he chose Poland. I thought his report was pretty thorough on cultural things, but he didn’t mention this tradition. It’s a neat tradition.
    I’m glad you didn’t run the carpet over! 🙂

  2. Wow, they are beautiful!!! I’ve never heard of them before, how interesting!!! Do people walk alongside the carpets or actually on the carpets during the processions? Thanks so much for sharing – love learning something new every single day :)!!! ❤

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