Weekly Photo Challenge; Vivid

There are many things that I think of when it comes to something being vivid; memory, colour, dream, to name a few. The Daily Post set the weekly photo challenge of Vivid, with the creator talking about vivid colours at a Light Festival in Sydney. The challenge automatically made me think of a picture I took recently of a fly. Why? The colours and definition stay with you and as I looked at other images of flies I took that day, the vividness of this one kept coming back to me. Macro Fly on Leaf I find the colours of the fly really interesting, as we usually think of flies being black. This fly how ever has; green, red and yellow tones. The black background also adds to the vividness of the colours, although not intended to be black, it is a by-product of shooting with flash. Apart from all the hairs I can see, what keeps this image clear in my mind is the dead insect under his middle leg. What do you think of my interpretation of the theme “Vivid” let me know in the comments below or just say hi if you like.

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Vivid

    • A couple questions… I looked up your exif data and it looks like you are using a 90mm lens… perhaps the Tamron Macro for Canon lens? And I looked up that lens’s minimum focusing distance and it’s 11.4″… my 180mm lens is 1.6’…. so does getting 11 inches away from your subject feel like you are up in their face? There are some safety factors to my lens not being able to get that close, but at the same time your image of the fly is so much closer than I’ve been able to get.

      • I have been think a bit about your comment. I don’t feel that I am in insects face at the min focus distance and actually it is quite a nice distance as I don’t seem to disturb them too much.
        I am unsure why you have’t been able to get as close with your lens as a macro lens has a magnification at the minimal focus distance at least 1:1.
        I do wonder if you have switched the lens to full focus range which may allow you to get a closer focus but cal can longer to focus with the AF.

      • I have been doing some tests with a subject, a yard stick, and my macro lenses… I’ve very confused now, because the stats say one distance for the minimum focusing distance, but what I can actually do in closer than that… I thought it might be because I have a crop sensor, but after researching it, I realized that I already knew that wasn’t the case because the distance doesn’t change between the lens and the sensor. My 180mm f/3.5 macro lens specs state that the min focusing distance is 1.6ft (19 inches)… I was able to get a nice sharp photo at f/4.0 in 10 inches! Do you have any ideas why I was able to put my subject 9 inches closer than specs say I can?

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