After Before Friday; Confused Fashion Boutique

The After and Before forum is organised by Stacy Fischer, it is a place where amateurs as well as seasoned photographers explain the wow and how about their photo and editing decision.
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ABF 1906 Benjamin Rowe BeforeWhile rushing around the city one day I walked past this shop. I stopped and had to do a double take. I knew that there were a lot of new shops opening and many cafes/pubs closing down on the main straight. However I found it amusing that the cafe expresso sign had been  taken down and not painted over and below a new business was open. I wonder if anyone ever goes there for a cup of coffee?


I created a HDR first in Lightroom and quickly cropped and corrected the perspective.


I added my portaesque preset, reduced the vibrance and increased the contrast and clarity to get a bleached feel.


I used a brush adjustment to brighten the shop and reveal more details.


I used a radial adjustment to reduce the highlights and exposure.


I played with the new dehaze tool which made the blacks more punchy.


I applied sharpening and noise reduction to make the image pop a bit more.


I added a slight gradient on the top of the picture to burn it in a bit. I also burnt in the pavement as well.

Cafe Expresso Boutique

I quite like the bleached out feel of the street and the brighter colours in the shop window. I also like how the darkness insdie the shop pulls me in and makes it the focus of the image. I still laugh at the sign and it is another layer of contrast.

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17 thoughts on “After Before Friday; Confused Fashion Boutique

  1. I also had to do a double take, I wondered why there was a shop dummy in the doorway of a cafe! I like your preset, it gives it a really great bleached effect and your overall processing is, as usual, very nicely done. I really like your final image, the “coffee tones” of the picture really bring it together. Great work Ben. 🙂

  2. Nicely done, Ben. I hadn’t thought of using the new deehaze tool in a situation like this, so thanks for opening up that idea. Thanks, as usual, for the details on the steps. Great result.

  3. Simple, effective use of LR tools, Ben! And the dehaze tool is a nice addition to LR (it took me forever to find where it lives 😀). Your preset and choice of color palette for this photo is spot on. Lovely tones, especially the opened shadows of the shop. I really like this alot!

  4. There’s a new haze tool in Lightroom? That’s the first I’ve heard. I liked all your choices, especially to open up the shadows beyond the door. What I can see is inviting me in!

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