One Four Challenge; In My Room Double Exposure

The one four challenge is where you take one picture and over a month each week edit the picture in a different way.  At the end of the month you have four different images and four different interpretations of the image. You can read more about the challenge here.

The forth Monday of June is here bringing us the final part in this month’s One Four Challenge. This month’s image has been great to play with, especially with all the textures in the picture. The image is one of memory, things forgotten and loneliness.
For the final image I wanted to create a picture with a bit more air. I decided to play around with creating a double exposure. I hit on the idea of using an image of the area around where I found this chair and merge the two together to add another dimension to the image and bring a bit more contrast to the image.

In My Room Double Exposure

To create the double exposure look I opened the chair image first and used the pen tool to select the chair. I then added the church picture on a new layer above and used the selection (of the chair) to create a layer mask and then set the church layer’s blending to screen. I unlinked the church layer from the mask to reposition it and then used a brush on the mask to remove any hard edges for the edge of the church image.
I toned the image by increasing the saturation and contrast on new adjustment layers. I created a black vignette to burn in the edges and used a brush set to overlay and white to create a hotspot and dodge the chair. I cropped the image to fit the new composition and selectively sharpened the chair.

I would love to know what you think and any comments you have. Also which one do like the best?

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25 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; In My Room Double Exposure

  1. Week 1 works best for me. The colors of the chair are heightened by the processing and the colors of the background. Week 4 is jarring in it’s contrasts- which might have been what you were going for. In which, case it works beautifully! 🙂

    • Jarring contrast is kind 9f what I was going for a in a way. The areas looked after vs the areas left to rot all within a block of each other.
      Week 1 is a nice image and to be honest I kind of always have a strong link to my first version of any image.

  2. This week’s edit was a wonderful switch! the colors of the Church and the chair seem to compliment each other well. Week 2 is my favorite! The play of light and shadows is wonderful. Plus, I think the B&W captures the emotion of the shot the best. Not sure why I chose that word, but it is what popped into my head 🙂

    • Hi Kirsten sorry for the late reply. The black and white does emote a strange feeling, for me it is a haunting feeling. I have always found black and white to be quite an emotive medium and chosen words make sense to me.

  3. Yes!! This is completely awesome!! ..and I really like the airy feel.
    This is such clever and talented editing.. It should be ‘hanging’ on a wall.
    I think you’ve figured out I like Sci-Fi etc.. I’m almost sure you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy – Hope so..
    This image makes me think of a scene at the beginning of the movie, where he scans to see the ‘previous world’ long past. Hope that makes sense 😉
    Love it!

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