For me summer is now here, I escaped to Cornwall for about a week to visit my family and most importantly my new Nephew and my older nephew, who I had never seen before. I am now just picking up the pieces that I had left behind after the end of the school year and preparing for the next. At the same time I have a lot of free time to do some things on here, with that being said the output will be ramped up after the lull of the last month. One of the first things I want to do is start recording a video companion to the Digital Darkroom series, which will be appended to the original post and the post reblogged so you don’t miss out. There is no timetable for completing this, but once I get into the rhythm I am sure it will become a regular thing. I have a lot of editing to do from Cornwall! So you can expect to see some nice views of the coast in the coming weeks as well.

Mondays will continue to be the One Four Challenge, August is the review month and I will look back or maybe just run a picture through like normal, I haven’t decided yet. Tuesday I will keep as Digital Darkroom, but if I don’t get it up in time, I will post something else and Digital Darkroom the next day. Wednesday will still be Wordless Wednesday and if I have time the Weekly Photo Challenge. Thursday is my anything goes day. Lastly Friday is either Editing Friday or After Before Challenge, depending on the week. The weekend is really anything goes but I do try and keep off the computer and spend time with my family and possibly visit Ikea.

On Instagram I am trying to recover my 365 challenge which has gone a bit awry due to a few reasons, the biggest being I forgot to take Lego figures to England to continue the project. I have a lot of thoughts about this project, that I will share in the June Round Up Post.


I have to say that this little guy was quite happy to be photographed, he didn’t more too much and wasn’t fazed by me sticking my camera in his face. The weather was also being kind as I had an excellent window of sunshine to capture him in. This picture is made up of 3 photos, one for his eye, one for his mouth and a third for his body. Everything was put together in Photoshop and then edited in Lightroom.

I would love to know your thoughts and also hear what you have been up to. Let me know in the comment box below.

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17 thoughts on “Wazup

      • I viewed the video yesterday. I learned some new features that I didn’t catch last time. Thank you for your effort, Ben!

  1. Cornwall, wow… ❤ Your one sentence made me giggle and imagine the Lego thing was your professional job and you'd be like – aaaah, I can't work now, I forgot my Lego pieces at home… *ggg* Maybe taking a small break from a project is not that bad – it can bring you new ideas to work at afterwards. Enjoy Cornwall and your family anyhow 🙂 !!!

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