Digital Darkroom; Lightroom and Camera Raw Basic Adjustments

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The basic ideas of Photographic editing has not changed a lot from the darkroom to the computer. Your digital editing solution is now your modern darkroom, a place where you develop every picture. Yes, all pictures need some kind of editing even if it is slight basic tweaks.

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Printing Black and White prints in the darkroom you would expose the paper until you got an image with the blackest black and whitest white, set the contrast and crop. Editing digitally is no different with similar steps needing to be taken; balancing the light, managing the colours and enhancing core elements. People have different processes and do different things in different orders, yet the steps are the same. Really it is all down to personal choice.

Camera-Raw-Lightroom-Comparison Comparison of Camera Raw and Lightroom Editing panels

I am starting…

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