Photowalk Around EC2

EC2 was the second Coal Fuelled Power Station built in the city of Lodz. The construction for EC2 began in 1955 and was a copy of the previous Powerstation EC1 which was still in use at the time.  In the 1960’s EC2 was running 6 and 8 turbine boilers and the facility was extended in 1966 to include a new boiler and 32.5MW Turbine. New boilers were put into operation during the 1970’s. Apart from generating electricity the powerstation also supplied hot water for heating to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Since 1970’s the Powerstation was not upgraded with newer technology and two new power stations were built in the city. With housing in the city becoming more thermally efficient, the demand for hot to heat homes even in the winter dropped. The power needs of the city could also be met by the two newer power stations EC2 was given no further upgrades, leading to its decommissioned in March of this year. The powerstation is still open but no longer generates any power and is used as a control center while the infrastructure is stripped.

This is just a selection of the pictures if you wish to see all the pictures please head over to the portfolio gallery.

It was an amazing to have the opportunity to get access to such a building to photograph. Although I only had 2 hours, I think I got some good shots and I have heard a rumour that there maybe another chance to tour the facility again before the end of the year, which I will definitely try to be part of.

I would love to hear your feedback, what do you think of the images? Let me know in the comment box below.

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8 thoughts on “Photowalk Around EC2

  1. Ben, these are all such wonderful pictures that tell a superb story. I especially love the B&W with the light rays pouring through the windows. What a great opportunity you had to photograph this place!

  2. Not usually my thing but…. these images have a symmetry and in some a mathematical preciseness whichnis quite eyecatching!! I wonder what will happen to all that now scrap steel – sculptures??

    • I am glad these images have appealed to you, there was a lot of symmetry in the buildings and the lay out of the machines. I would need to go back and ask about the architecture as it could have been a soviet style that translated through the design.
      EC1 (the first power station in the city) was decommissioned and turned into an events venue, for concerts and the like as well as part being renovated into the new heart of the city combined with a renovated train station. EC2 being a little bit further out of the centre I am not sure what their plans are yet. The steal may be stripped and sold as there is a lot of money in it.

    • That blue was amazing i couldn’t believe it myself and it was one of the first pictures I edited because I wanted to make sure the blue I remember was in the picture. I also love seeing pictures of places like this, and it was great to be one taking them.

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