Digital Darkroom; Lightroom and Camera Raw Curves

All you ever needed to know about curves, now updated with a video companion. Enjoy.


Last week in the digital darkroom we looked at using the basic adjustments panel to make some quite large global changes to our photographs. Using global adjustments can be enough and you will not need to go any further. Sometimes you may want to take some more control of the tones in your image and this is where curves can come in and give a boost to the tones or help create a stylized image.

If you wish to watch the companion video for this post you can so here.

As with basic adjustments I will be looking at curves within in the Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. If you have come from Photoshop or another editing program curves may be familiar to you are a lot of things here are also applicable to those programs as well.

The curves adjustment concentrates on adjusting light levels within a picture. Curves…

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6 thoughts on “Digital Darkroom; Lightroom and Camera Raw Curves

  1. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to add the videos, Ben. I haven’t yet been able to watch all of the videos that you’ve done, but from what I have seen they are wonderful additions and help to illustrate what you described in the earlier posts.

    • Thanks Mike, I can understand not having the time, I am trying to keep them as close to 10 mins as I can to make it coffee break length. I hope you enjoy the videos when you get a chance to watch them.

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