After Before Forum; Doom Bar

For this week’s “After Before forum”, the picture I am editing is of The Doom Bar. The picture was taken on the Rock side of the River Camel looking towards the mouth of the estuary where the Doom Bar lies.

Before after Forum wk 54 Benjamin Rowe BeforeThe Doom Bar is a sand bar at the mouth of the estuary where the River Camel meets the Celtic Sea on the north coast of Cornwall. The Doom Bar is made up of Marine Sand which is continually being brought up from the sea bed and is mostly made up of Marine Shells. With exposure to the Atlantic Ocean and the highly dynamic environment the sands are prone to dramatic shifts during storms.
It is said that the Doom Bar was formed during the reign of Henry VIII ruining the wealth of the port of Padstow further down the estuary. The Cornish believe that the bar was created to curse the harbour after a mermaid was shot by a local fisherman.
(source Wikipedia + Personal Knowledge)



With my picture the first thing I did was to crop of the bottom creating a more panoramic feel. I also applied some basic adjustments, so I could survey the image.


I adjusted the colours to make the image pop a bit.


The picture was feeling dark again, which was fine for the sky but the foreground need brightening. I used a gradient to increase the exposure in the foreground and another to bring in the highlights of the clouds.


I used the lens correction tools and then the heal tool to remove some dust bunnies.


I used a brush adjustment on the left side headland to add some definition and bring it more in line with the rest of the picture.


I removed the people enjoying the beach with the heal tool and warmed up the sand making it more yellow.


I sharpened the picture and reduced noise to finish up.

Doom bar

In this picture you can spot the Doom Bar just at the mouth of the estuary in front of the rock where the white of the waves are just visible. For ships sailing at present the must keep to the center right of the estuary and only at high tide. Where I was standing a few hours later was under  water.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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21 thoughts on “After Before Forum; Doom Bar

  1. This is probably one of my favorite posts on your blog (aside from your Lego creations). I love the story, you gave so much information and I really appreciate it. The image is so beautiful and it is interesting to see how a bit of cropping changes the feel of the image, panorama really suits it well. Other post-processing choices enhanced all the beautiful parts of the landscape. My only regret is your cruelty to those tinny humans. To erase them like that!!! 🙂 Great work, as expected from you.

  2. Living in Cornwall I feel any part of the County is photogenic. What you have done is to be able to enhance a great scene from a very good picture. Shame about the people, I feel they add some character.

  3. Really simple yet powerful edits, Ben, and I like your cropping choice. A wonderful view of a gorgeous seascape. It’s unbelievable to think your vantage point becomes completely engulfed by water! The power of Mother a nature.

    • The tide was out the furthest I have ever seen it here, and it is one of the spots i love to visit whenever I head home. To get a lot of shots like this it is a little bit of luck and timing to know when you can stand at a location.

  4. What a gorgeous place, and thanks for the local story, it really adds to the mood of the image. Your crop is wonderful, despite the fact that the initial photo was obeying the rule of thirds, the lower horizon has really improved it, adding tension and dynamism (not sure if that’s a real word!). Love it! 🙂

    • Your right Katie, the image did follow the rule of thirds, for me though the beach seem to be leading further towards the right than the middle. The crop made the estuary become the leading line in the composition. I think the word you are looking for is dynamic.

  5. Very well done, Ben. And thanks for the background information on the location. I aways find these details of great interest. I agree with your decision to crop out the people in this case. As you said, they tended to distract rather than add something to the composition.

    • I am glad you like my editing choices Robin. I think with people there is sometimes a trade off, no people can make a scene feel barron when we know it is not, yet too many people can distract from the focus. I think I made the right choice especially as this is a panoramic image and it is view that I want.

  6. At first I felt the blue of the sky was too much. But with your subsequent processing choices, the intense blue seems to direct the eye downward towards the brightness of the beach. And I also tend to like my landscapes devoid of people- though this is not a hard and fast rule. Here, I like it and I like your final image a lot!

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