Digital Darkroom; HSL and Color Adjustments

The HSl Panel is great for making colour adjustments to a picture. This post has now been updated with a companion video. To watch the video click to view the original post and scroll down to the video. Enjoy.


In previous weeks we have looked at manipulating the light of an image with basic adjustments as well as with curve adjustments. We also have seen that with the curve adjustment you can stylize a picture by manipulating the colours at different brightness levels, for example making highlights more yellow or shadows greener. The HSL (Hue Saturation Luminance) Color Panel allows you to manipulate the look and feel of the overall colours in the image.

If you wish to watch the companion video for this post you can so here.

pannels-expanded HSL/Color Panel in Lightroom

The HSL Colour panel can be equated to the hue and saturation in Photoshop. The HSL/Color Panel is separated into three parts; HSL, Color and B&W (Black and White) in Lightroom, In Adobe Camera Raw there is only HSL and Greyscale. Greyscale and Black and White we will look at in a later post. For…

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2 thoughts on “Digital Darkroom; HSL and Color Adjustments

  1. It was wonderful, Ben, to be able to see the changes dynamically as you made them. I definitely enjoyed the video and plan to go back later this weekend and look over the other ones that you’ve made.

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