Digital Darkroom; Lightroom and Camera Raw Split Toning

If you thought split toning was only for Black and White images, think again. Updated post with a companion video. To watch the video click on the link to the original post and scroll down to the bottom.


The Digital Darkroom is a series of posts aimed at beginners and those interested in Digital Photography and Editing. In previous weeks we have looked at basic adjustments, curves, editing colour with the HSL/Color panels and black and white toning. This week we are looking at using split toning to help create a rounded image. If you wish to check out previous posts in the series you can do here.

Last week I touched a little bit on split toning while looking at black and white toning. Most people recognise when a sepia tone has been added to a black and white picture because of the warm yellow/orange hue. Split toning can go much further than adding a vintage effect; it can help bring together the overall tone of image, creating contrast that make images pop, deal with areas of mixed light as well as introduce a specific feeling…

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