Digital Darkroom; Local Adjustments Lightroom and Camera Raw

Local adjustments can be what takes a picture from great to wow. Check out how with a new added companion video.
To see the video click to the original post and then scroll to the bottom.


The Digital Darkroom is a series of posts aimed at beginners and those interested in Digital Photography and Editing. In previous weeks we have looked at basic adjustments, curves, editing colour with the HSL/Color panels, black and white toning and split toning. This week we are looking at using split toning to help create a rounded image. If you wish to check out previous posts in the series you can do here.

In Lightroom and Camera Raw the adjustments that we have been looking at have been global, adjustments that change the tones across the whole image. These global adjustments can give us a great image, but sometimes we need to make adjustments that are more selective.
If you wish to watch the companion video for this post you can so here.

In Lightroom and Camera Raw there are three different local adjustment tools; Radial, Gradient and Brush. Each…

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