Black and White in a City Full of Colour

Gdansk is a lovely city full of colorful buildings so black and white may not always be the medium to use. However using black and white can show a different side of a colourful city.

Gothic Chruch Renocation Gdansk

This is the interior of a gothic church and monochrome cried out to me. The church caught fire 9 years ago and the renovation is still underway. What is interesting is that in gothic architecture there should be no blank spaces, all spaces must filled with furniture or art; empty spaces are seen as bad and evil.The white washed walls should be filled with murals, possibly of saints.

Looking Up Gdansk

Looking up, contrast in texture works really well with black and white and I loved the birds flying above me; slightly blurred due to dof. Made from two pictures taken in portrait and combined in Lightroom. The streets were quite narrow and even looking up at the a building 18mm was worthless.

Neptune Gdansk Detail

It is said that the fountain of neptune, which I also posted last week in colour, was annoyed with tourist throwing money into his water. He slammed his trident down into the water turning the money into flecks of gold which was collected by locals and added to bottles of alcohol. I loved the texture of the fountain with the water sprinkling around.

Retired Organ Gdansk

I laugh when I look at this picture. It was in an area of a cathedral where lots of artifacts had been put to one side; I am not sure why! I like the cherub(?) facepalming white this lovely organ being kept to one side.

Wine Ser Gioveto GdanskOn a hot day wine is always a welcome sight. I don’t know how this wine tastes but with the church in the background I am sure it has been blessed by priest.

As I said Gdansk is a colourful city and really worth seeing in colour.

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6 thoughts on “Black and White in a City Full of Colour

  1. to do black and white is relatively easy but to do it well is the challenge and you have many very good monochrome shots on your site to which the Gdansk set are a great addition – especially liked the blessing of the wine

    • I am glad you like my black and white photos, you are right about it being easy and a challenge. For me monochrome is more about textures and shapes and that’s how I try and see the world when wanting a black and white photo.

      • as a novice photographer B&W forces me to focus better on light (hence I love the luminance in the wine bottles image) – textures and shapes are yet to come!

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