Familiar Friend at a New Location

Last week I received an email, along with all the other contributors to the After Before Friday Forum. It was a was with a heavy heart that Stacy called time on Forum while keeping One Photo Focus going. I can understand why Stacy needed to take a step back from the forum and although this is good for her, I was quite sad that the forum would be coming to an end. For one I have always enjoyed the forum although I wasn’t there from week one I have been an active member from close to the beginning.

I decided to ask Stacy, as long as I wasn’t being too presumptuous, if I could continue the forum here on Aperture64. We did decided to wait to see if any others were wanting to take up the mantle, before Stacy said that I could pick up the torch. To be honest I hosting  the forum is more of a caretaker’s role, Stacy was the brain child of the forum and kept us all in line.

I really really didn’t want to change anything with the forum, everything is the same except I will host it weekly on my blog instead of by weekly on Stacy’s Blog. Although I am hosting the forum weekly there is no obligation to take part each week, if you wish to take part by weekly you can.
If you want to take part you can email me you After and Before photos for week 59 of the forum to; aperture64photography@gmail.com , before midnight Wednesday EST to give me Thursday to curate Friday’s Post. You can read the full guidelines of the After Before Friday Forum here.

I hope you will try the forum out, if you have never taken part before or are looking for a fun way to share photography with others give it ago.



24 thoughts on “Familiar Friend at a New Location

  1. I’m really excited about this. i was sad when it quit being weekly, and even sadder when it was going to end all together. I totally understand where Stacy was with all the work involved with the forum every week. This will be a great new place for the forum, thanks for picking it up.

  2. Thanks for stepping up Ben. I know that you will do a great job with this. Stacy is a hard act to follow! Having it weekly actually will help those of us who jump in when we have time and just enjoy everyone else’s work when we don’t have the time 🙂

  3. Ben, thanks for the shout out. I know you’re going to be a brilliant “caretaker” of ABF! And I’m so happy for those who missed the every week format to have the opportunity to participate more often here. Thanks so much for keeping the forum alive!

  4. Awesome, Ben, that you have taken up the challenge of continuing this fun challenge. I think all of us really enjoy the challenge, yet we are all pretty busy so we also completely understand why Stacy needed the break. I hope to join in again soon as well. 😀

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