One Four Challenge; Buttermilk Tower

After a one month break the “One Four Challenge” is back. The idea of the challenge is to take one image and edit it four different ways posting an edit each week.

This week image is of the Buttermilk tower. A legend of the tower is that 4 officials were locked in the tower because of delaying a shipment of Buttermilk from a neighbouring town. The wives of the officials pleaded to the Grand Master of Teutonic knights. The Grand Master said that he would free the officials when they have made the Buttermilk owed. The wives had to make the Buttermilk in the tower on the upper floors, churning the milk while their husbands were below drowning in the Buttermilk they made. Although this is just a legend there is some truth to it; originally called “The Rounded Tower”, The name “Buttermilk Tower” was not given until around 1596, when the Grand Master Kostka, 4 advisers from Lichnów, who delayed the supply of butter and buttermilk, were locked in the tower.

Buttermilk Tower Malbrok

I quite like this picture with the tower in the mid ground and extending to the foreground through the reflection. With this edit I just made some basic adjustments. I am not really too happy with the sky and the tower as they feel quite soft. I do however like the other tones in the image so it could just be a case of editing this area more selectively.

I am not sure where I am going to take this image and any imput would be welcome.

Also remember to check out Robyn’s post for this week, as this challenge is her brain child.

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17 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Buttermilk Tower

  1. This is a fantastic image Ben and you have lots to work with this month also.
    A very ‘cheery’ start with all its colour! Cant wait to see what you do next 😀
    The legend is not so cheery – I enjoy these historical pieces you include with the image.

  2. What a great story and a nice image to work with, you have some challenges with several tonal layers across it. I agree with you about the tower, a tad more contrast/clarity maybe to capture the detail?

  3. Images with great reflections are always fun, although difficult to work with if the image needs tonal adjusting or a more dramatic sky. My first (silly) thought is that I’d like to see the pond full of buttermilk. Don’t know if that leads anywhere…

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