After Before Forum Wk 59

The After Before Forum is a place where photographers of all levels can show how they get the wow in their photography. It is easy and fun to take part, you can check out how here.

This week is the first week that I am curating the After Before Forum, so I decided to make my edit a little bit easy so I could get into the swing of organising the post. This weeks picture is of a plantago lanceolata, commonly seen as a weed, they are a very beautiful subject.


I started with basic tweaks; ticking through the Lens Profile to correct lens distortion. I also made changes the Camera Raw profile switching it to the Landscape Profile.


I made adjustments in the basic panel. The idea was to brighten the image but protect the highlights. I did this by raising the exposure and reducing the highlights, I also reduced the shadows to bring a bit of contrast to the image. I increased the vibrance and saturation to make the colours pop.


I made slight curve adjustments to the colour channels, just to shift the colours slightly and remove some colour casts.


I sharpened for low frequency. I then added a gradient to reduce the saturation in the lower part of the image.


I tweaked the green curve some more. I also added a slight vignette to darken the edges slightly. There was a black mark on the stem, I used the clone tool to remove it.


The top of the image felt too dark. I added another gradient to the top of the image to lighten and bring it back to the tone of the rest of the image.

Plantago lanceolata Macro

I quite the final image it is soft around the plantago lanceolata, white at the same time jumping straight out at you. The colours feel fresh. The only negative i can really recognise is the depth of field, I would like that to be a bit wider to bring the back part of the subject into focus.

Week 59 Entries into the After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

Katie Prior Drawing With Light

“A big thanks to Ben for taking up the ABF reins. For this week’s image I have been dodging and burning with the adjustment brush”

Mary Hone Tales From The Back Road

Loré Dombaj Snows Fissures and Fractures

“Berta and I made a new friend over the summer. This little duck would swim around the wooden dock where we spent our weekend mornings.”


Amy The World Is A Book

Please check out the links to the other members posts to see how they make their image pop.

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8 thoughts on “After Before Forum Wk 59

  1. Very nice edit, it doesn’t look too easy! I’m glad you removed the black spot of the stem, that has made a big difference and the tonal changes have worked beautifully. Your after image has a lovely, fresh glow to it, I really like it!

    • Hi katie, Of course it may not be easy for all for me a few tweaks here and a gradient makes a simple edit. The black spot was really annoying me and took away from the main part of the image.
      I am glad you like the final glow, to me it also feels fresh.

  2. Ben, I love your image and I agree these are a beautiful subject. I too have had the pleasure of photographing these 😃 I like your results.
    Lovely work and changes from all the contributors!

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