After Before Forum Wk60; Seat of Power

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This week has been an interesting week, as I have been struck by the dreaded first term lurgy. Due to this I didn’t have time to sit and make all the screenshots of my editing steps, this week I will only be able to write an overview of my steps.

This weeks picture is from the inside of Malbork Castle in the main meeting hall for the Teutonic Knights. The center seat is for the Grand Master and the other seats right and left, which actually curve around the, room are for the knights who have a responsibility ruling the Order of the knights. Some of these responsibilities are for the treasury, defense, agriculture, very similar to our present governments.

I took the image into Lightroom to transform it.

Before wk 60

The first step I took was to convert the image to black and white. I did this using a Black and white preset with a bit of contrast.
The top part of the image was quite bright after the black and white conversion, I used a gradient adjustment to bring it back and reveal some details on the wall.
I wanted some nice contrast/texture in the wooden seats and used the adjustment brush with increased clarity.
The final tweaks were to straighten the image and applied lens correction. I also added sharpening and noise reduction.

Seats of Power

I quite like the symmetry in the image and the textures in the wood. I also like the contrast between the seats and the wall behind making them jump out at you. Overall I think it is quite a good shot and edit.

Week 60 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

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Loré Dombaj Snows Fissures and Fractures

“There is beauty in this world, sometimes we discover it by looking through the lens and sometimes we can make it blossom by rolling up our sleeves and clean a little corner of this planet.”


Amy The World Is A Book

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18 thoughts on “After Before Forum Wk60; Seat of Power

  1. Great edits, Ben, you really brought out the details in the wood. 🙂 Unfortunately this week I had the same problem I always have, I remember that I need to create and submit a photo – on Wednesday… well after the deadline — ugh. Things are crazy around here (behind the scenes), hopefully I’ll get some kind of organization soon.

    • Hi Nic sorry for the late reply, been all flu in the head. If you cant make wednesday I do except late entries most of the time I can get them in, although my latest cut off is 12 hours before the post goes live. This is our secret though 😉 Don’t let arbitrary deadlines put you off.

      • I was all set to send you a photo this week yesterday, I was just trying to decide how/if I should crop it when my Ikea furniture arrived… Then I realized I’d be spending the next few days building furniture and shifting stuff around… and I wouldn’t have time to write up the post… Plus I figured that perhaps I’d send you a photo ‘early’ for the next ABF rather than sending you a photo late. It will also give me time to ‘live’ with the changes to decide if I like them or not. So soon, I hope, I’ll send you something for the next ABF. 😀

  2. Hi Ben, One of my blogger friends suggested to bring the colors of the flag up from my photo, I like the idea. Does the LR have the options? I haven’t been able to figure it out…

    • The easiest way to do selective colour in lightroom is to desaturated all the colours but the ones you want; in the HSL panel.
      If you were to do this with your picture all sliders but blue and red would need to be desaturated, although this will lead to the sky being blue still and then use the bush to desaturated the sky.

      The other method would be to set the saturation side in the basic panel to -100 and then use the brush with the saturation set to +100 and paint over the flag.

      With you picture however the flag is quite small and not the focus and colouring it I feel wouldn’t add much to the image and is just playing on a gimmick IMHO.
      Hope that helps.

      • This helps a lot, Ben. I wanted to do one (another photo) for this week’s ABF, will give a try this evening. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂

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