One Four Challenge; Buttermilk Tower Correcting Contrast

In the first week of the One Four Challenge of this month, I commented that the first version had a problem with contrast. I wanted to go back and try and fix this. The problem was in the sky and tower, the foreground had some nice contrast but i was finding it difficult to balance.

buttermilk Tower Malbrok colour revised

This week I used colour luminance and saturation channels to balance the contrast and try and bring some balance to the image. I did also use some local adjustment tools to darken the sky some more and pull out some details in the tower itself.
Although the foreground still has stronger contrast I am ok with, as it is like a contrasted reflection of the subject. I also like the colours more in this version, as the colours felt a little week and washed out in week one.

I would love to know what you think. Let me know in the comments below.

Also remember to check out Robyn’s post for this week, as this challenge is her brain child.

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21 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Buttermilk Tower Correcting Contrast

  1. Week 3 the colors are more luminescent. The edges are a little darker than week 1. Did that occur with the changes?
    I see it in the B&W but I like it and that one is my favorite. I think the photo has a lot of colors. It might be the reason the difficulties you’re experiencing. I’m not an expert or know much. It’s a thought.
    Isadora 😎

    • I had a look back at my lightroom file and realised that I added a slight vignette, great catch. Sometimes I get lost woth my editing.
      In the black and white it was a custom vignette that I created in Photoshop using brushes.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • I appreciate your reply. Your welcome on noticing that slight vignette. At times, I’m hesitant to mention something in a comment I’m going to leave. Glad it was helpful.
        I’m with you on getting lost while editing. I write it down as I go along now.
        Isadora 😎

    • I agree Ida this week is the best. I have noticed over the last week my blog has had problems connecting to the One four Challenge tag but it seems to have connected this week. I will check out ulyour link shortly.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. I think the colors look good this week. When you compare it to the colors of week 1, suddenly the sky and grass seem all wrong… this week the darker blue sky and the more yellow-green grass & trees feels more natural.

  3. Ben, my apologies – I thought I had commented on this post.
    This edit feels very natural to me. I like the colours and the contrast.
    I’ve used Luminance before but not Saturation channels. Always food for thought, thank you Ben and a nice finish for this series.

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