One Four Challenge; Buttermilk Tower Black and White Revisited

This month’s image has been interesting to edit. First colour, then black and white, back to colour for some revision, and now I am going back to black and white to make some more changes again. This image has many different zones of contrast and to edit them all and have it look balanced is where I have been tripping up.
I like the over light tones of the revised colour edition I took that edit as a base to build my black and white edition from.

Buttermilk Tower Malbrok Black and white revised

I decided to go for a lighter toned black and white image. I used my faux infrared black and white preset to tone the image. This actually created quite a soft image in the highlights and so i tried to keep the rest of the image on the softer side. I did darken the sky and selectively lighten the tower as I have done in my other edits. I also added a vignette just to darken the edges slightly.

There we are all four renditions of the Buttermilk Tower. Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comment box below.

Also remember to check out Robyn’s post for this week, as this challenge is her brain child.

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17 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; Buttermilk Tower Black and White Revisited

    • I laugh at fairy tale esq tower, I know what you mean as it could be repunzals tower. Although knowing the history of the tower and castle it is the oppersite.
      I like the idea of a lighter/softer version for this image as I have spent so much time making the other versions so contrasted.

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