One Four Challenge; On the Edge of the World Monochrome

Back to the beginning of the month and a new One Four Challenge. This is a challenge where you take one photo and over the month edit the picture four different ways. This month I have chosen what would have been a throw away picture which i am trying to rescue.

On The Edge Of The World

The funny thing with this picture is that the day ended up being less stormy than the sky seems to portray. I converted the picture to black and white  and cropped it into a panorama format. I used quite a few gradient adjustments to balance the exposure of the sky and sea.
Generally I like this edit, as it feels ok.

What do you think of the image, do you have any ideas on where I can take it next?

Also remember to check out Robyn’s post for this week, as this challenge is her brain child.

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14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; On the Edge of the World Monochrome

  1. That is really living on the edge! It’s a good crop, Ben, with lots of interest from top to bottom. It has quite a gritty and dark look. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like with a softer treatment?

    • I agree if there was a strong spring storm, the owners must be a bit nervous. The high tide I wouldn’t be so scared as they sit quite a bit above the high tide mark, although it is hard to see from this angle. I am going to try for less moody in the coming edits.

  2. This is a wonderful image to work on Ben.
    This BW gives me the feeling of exposure living on the ocean (with the bright whites – my screen) and the depth of the rocks, texture of the water and the sky show that it’s very much alive.
    Very nice!

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