One Four Challenge; On The Edge Of World Colour

Last weeks edition of the One Four Challenge, was a moody black and white rendition. For this week I really wanted to take a stab at a colour version. I wanted to try and keep some of the moodiness, that I think for some made last weeks  image quite special. I have always found colour a much harder medium to capture moodiness unless I add loads of contrast.

On The edge of the world colour

I looking at this image from the colour perspective it was amazing how much I actually exposed this shot for the sky. Most of the editing, like with the black and white version, was with gradients to add contrast to the clouds, open up the exposure in the sea and rocks. I did add a radial adjustment on the white building to create a highlight point to bring the eye through the curve of the image.

I don’t think the picture has the same moodiness as last weeks, but it feels good IMHO. I think I have balanced the tones well, creating a pleasant picture of a not so pleasant morning.
Also Julie I haven’t cropped this weeks version so you can see the whole image.


I would be really interested in knowing what you think of this weeks image.

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Also remember to check out Robyn’s post for this week, as this challenge is her brain child.

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20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge; On The Edge Of World Colour

  1. Both are lovely. My thought on adding more moodiness to the color one is to make the water more of a gunmetal blue gray, like the Atlantic in a storm, rather than green. I recon that would be moodier 🙂

  2. Hi Ben, your second version nearly has an HDR character to it: quite intense colour and sharpness. It is still moody, with the threatening sky, but the teal colour of the ocean seems too light for the weather conditions… May be an ultramarine or charcoal would work better? I would love to this image with more muted tones, less contrast… just for curiosity’s sake.

    • The colour of the water is an interesting element. The teal colour is very natural in this picture and wasn’t really adjustment, I agree that it is a strange contrast.
      I also want to play around with a softer version.

  3. I love this one. The highlights are beautiful, bringing out the color of the sea and building. I prefer not having it cropped, too. That little bit adds something.

  4. I think it’s seriously moody, Ben! The sky looks nicely threatening, and I like your radial adjustment tMo the white building to lead the eye in… Perhaps the sea should be a bit darker in the centre?

  5. Wow, Ben, for a ‘throw away’ photo you have really brought out some great colors and details. I love the colors that you have brought out in the rocks and grass, and water. I really like the little blue building. My eye follows along the rocky path straight to that building, very pleasing. I also prefer the balance of the uncropped image.

  6. Really enjoyed reading your descriptions for this week and found myself agreeing, so all I’m going to say is I love the green and the warmer tones.. and I like seeing the whole image too.
    As always, very nice Ben 🙂

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