After Before Forum Wk65; View Through the Window

wk64 beforeThe After Before Forum is a place where photographers of all levels can show how they get the wow in their photography. It is easy and fun to take part, you can check out how here.

I really like easy editing as it means I can move on and get away from the computer and take some photos. Today’s picture for the After Before forum was exactly that kind of picture.
Although the inside of the room was quite dim the light shining through the window lit it so well and the view wasn’t too bad as well. Due to the difference to the exposure outside and inside, I took bracketed exposures with the intention to merge them in Lightroom.



I took the three exposures and created a HDR. I selected the auto toning just to see what it looked like and it was pretty good start; so I kept it.


I adjusted the lens corrections and the in created the vibrance to get a bit more power in the colours.


The colours still felt a bit unnatural. I adjusted the luminance of the blues and yellows to get them just right. I did this using the targeted adjustment tool in the HSL panel.


The walls and the window frame felt too warm. I adjusted the colour temperature to bring back the greyness of the stone but not was out the background with a strong blue hue.


Lastly I adjusted the sharpness of the image. I used a low radius and high details to make the small details ping.



View through the wondow

I really like the overall outcome of the image. I know there is a softness around the windows and in the stone between them, yet this is a natural effect that I wanted to keep in. The stone has a natural feel although with some warm tinges from the internal lighting. I also like that fact that the view in the sweet spot between blurry and unrecognisable.

Week 65 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

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Nic Anderson – Photography-by-Nic


I came across a tutorial that talked about Clarity in GIMP.  It’s not a button we can push in GIMP so we have to do it manually… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  As a control freak, I like the fact that I can have more control of how this works on my image.  I tried out three methods and got three slightly different images.  Stop by my blog, and I’ll discuss in further detail how I got these three images.

Mary Hone Tales From the Back Road


Amy The World is a Book

Michelle Lunato Photography

Please check out the links to the other members posts to see how they make their image pop.

If you wish to take part in the forum next week check out the forum guide here.
Next week is One Photo Focus, this is where members of the After Before Forum edit the same picture. This is hosted by Stacy Fischer on Visual Venturing and if you want to take part check out her post to see how. 
The next After Before Forum will be on the 13th of November.

I would love to here what you think and you can let me know in the comment box below.


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8 thoughts on “After Before Forum Wk65; View Through the Window

    • Usually it is because I have used three exposures +/- and merge them. But also raw images do have an ability to be abused. When brightening raw images you have to be careful for noise, as it creeps in as the image is over brightened.

  1. Very nice, Ben! I love the blues you boosted to for the outside sky. It’s interesting, you could have gone for a dark and grungy look, but instead you brought up the shadows and made the outside so inviting… now it is like a brochure image for a ocean view. 🙂

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