After Before Forum Wk67; Reflecting

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I am sure many of you beady eyed readers may have noticed over the last few weeks the amount of blogging take place here has significantly declined. This is something I am conscious of and something I am trying to address. It is due to a mixture of my new teaching schedule (everyone wants classes with me) and me not feeling 100% reducing a lot of my energy. Hopefully things are on the up and I can make some headway to bring this blog back on track.

Wk66 before

With today’s forum I was looking at pictures that I took earlier this year that I didn’t get round to editing. One of them was of a Ladybird Pupa on the petal of a flower.

I took about 6 pictures focusing on different areas of the Ladybird Pupa. In processing the image I focus stacked the images in Photoshop. Once I had merged the images together, back in Lightroom I made some basic adjustments and sharpening.

Lady Bird Pupa on Blossom

Week 66 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

Lore Dombaj Snows Fissures and Fracture

Michelle Lunato Photography

Amy The World is a Book

Doug Branson Elusive Trope

Walking through downtown Wilkes Barre, the color of the plywood caught my eye across two parking lots side by side. From my distance it almost appeared to be a figure similar to the Virgin Mary, her hands held out in mercy. Surrounded by a more subdued earth tones. I moved in closer and realized there was also this stacked perspective of the with the building and the one across the street. Trying to highlight the color of the plywood, I tried not to saturate too much so that it looked like I just added the color myself, but enough to bring out the rich colors of the doorway in the lower left hand corner.

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