After Before Forum Wk68; Finishing Touches

Week 66 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum



For the last two years in my city there has been utter chaos on the roads. The authorities believed it was a good idea to dig up one of the main arteries of the city, place most of it underground and then build a new tram stop. Of course we hated all the havoc caused and yes the new road has no holes now, and we no longer have four tram stops at one intersection we now have two, and isn’t it pretty.
I took the before photo at sunset a few days before the official opening of the tram stop. What really caught my eye was the colour of the roof and the sun shining though at the end.

In editing the picture I first created my HDR of three stops in Lightroom. What I was looking to get was the light colours in the glass roof from the over exposed bracket, and the detail of the light from the setting sun in the under exposed bracket. Once the HDR was pulled together most of the editing was completed with gradient and radial adjustments.


Of course now that the stop is open I will have to go back and try and capture the same scene again, perhaps with some trams. For me it is the colours not just in the roof but the mixture of warmth in the background and coldness in the foreground that really add some depth to the image.

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

Lore Dombaj Snows Fissures and Fracture


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