After Before Foum Wk69; Snapseed

The After Before Forum is a place where photographers of all levels can show how they get the wow in their photography. It is easy and fun to take part, you can check out how here.


I shall start with a public service announcement; because of the way December falls this month, next friday will be the last After Before Forum of the of the year.
Don’t Panic! the forum will be back up and running on the 8th of January 2016. With this in mind, I was thinking we could try some christmassy images for next week.

This week I have been feeling much better after being poked and prodded and given enough pills to make me shake rattle and roll. I was out and about (but without my camera) in the morning fog. while waiting to cross the road I saw a building site with the cranes just visible in the fog. I took out my phone and snapped a shot.
I always try and edit pictures take on my phone, with my phone. With this picture I used Snapseed by google (originally niksoft), as my editing app. I really like the simplicity and ease of this app.

For my editing steps I first auto tuned the image and then applied a black and white filter. The image was still a bit dark, I used tonal adjustments to  lighten the foreground and bring out the cranes more. For some finishing touches I added a vignette to the lower part of the image. I also took the spit toning from a vintage filter just to give the image a slight blue tint.


Even though it was taken on the phone and there is some obvious noise from the pixels being pushed too far, I think the picture works. Th noise adds to the grainy ness of the image and the mist which was there. I also like the cranes are more visible filling in the top part of the image with an interesting element.

Week 69 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe ApertureF64

Lore Dombaj Snows Fissures and Fracture


Trying to recover blown-out detail in a strongly backlit subject

I am making an album page so there isn’t really just one before picture, but the close up picture is the close up picture of the baby. And the album page is pretty clear, lol.


Amy The World is a Book

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10 thoughts on “After Before Foum Wk69; Snapseed

  1. Thank you Ben. I did some re-touches for the photo in some area this morning. Since my PC is still at the shop for repairs,
    I’m using my laptop to work on photos, which is not ideal at all because I don’t get to see the details at all… I noticed some yellow spots this morning on another PC. 🙂

    • I use snapseed a lot, this shot is quite typical of what I see around my city. There is a huge amount of regeneration going on and it is not a surprise to see diversions or streets dug up. For me the picture has the confusion in the foreground balanced by the more geometric shapes in the cranes.

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