After Before Forum Wk 71; Black and White Memories

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The new year is here and so has winter it appears. While Australia bathes in heat waves I am surrounded by snow and freezing temperatures, and thinking about the summer it spent in my motherland.

Cornwall, England is a magical place and Mevagissey is just one of the hidden gems. Although my childhood memories from here are not my favorite, the memories I have from visiting last year are as clear as the water.
This weeks before image is already partly edited as it is a panorama composite that I created in Lightroom.

AB Forum wk71 Before

I had already created a colour edit of this image, however I was really interested in seeing it in black and white. I started by using one of my generic black and white presets in Lightroom and then set about adjusting the blue channel to darken the blues. I then added two gradient adjustments; one for the sky adding blue via temp adjustments to darken the sky some more and one at the bottom this time adding yellow via temp adjustments to brighten the blue in the water. The picture still felt flat in a few areas so I added radial adjustments to create some dynamic points.

Meva 2015

I quite like this image, I know that many will be put off by the power cable. I did consider removing it but it has connections in multiple areas and felt to remove one part would mean removing all of it.
Does the power cable annoy you? do you think it should be removed? let me know below.

Week 71 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe ApertureF64


Michelle Lunato

This shot was a random picture shot from a tour bus while in Barbados. Not normal the quality of photo I like to share with people. However, it did give me something to work with in terms of editing and a reason to not throw away this simple snapshot. The goal was to make it something more than blah, something more than what it was, a photo taken from a moving bus, lol.

Lore Dombaj Snows Fissures and Fracture

Amy World Is A Book

Please check out the links to the other members posts to see how they make their image pop.

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11 thoughts on “After Before Forum Wk 71; Black and White Memories

  1. Is it possible that Amy’s pictures were labeled wrong? I mean the right one is before and left after?
    Thanks. Very interesting post. I like your black & white better. Well done.

  2. The power lines got a bit lost in the colour version. They show up more in the b & w version which I do prefer. They don’t annoy me – I don’t normally remove lines as they can lead your eye around the image as it does with this one. All the best for the new year.

    • Thanks Raewyn, you are right that the power lines are lost in the colour, they have less impact. I do remove power lines, if it crosses an area of interest. In this image i kept it in because of the other lines it was linked to, helping to guide your eye around.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Both images are beautiful. How blessed you are to be able to visit such a lovely seaside village! I can get to the coast when ever time allows, but it doesn’t have villages like this. It’s unique and wonderful in it’s own right. A European thing which I adore. Thank you for sharing both images! I can’t chose between them! Happy New Year!

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