After Before Forum Week 76; Grungy and Old

The After Before Forum is a place where photographers of all levels can show how they get the wow in their photography. It is easy and fun to take part, you can check out how here.

This week I wanted just to let my hair down and experiment. Usually i have an outcome in mind when I start experimenting, this week however I just started playing and went down the rabbit hole.


I started with two film textures I layered on top of each other. One had a dust and scratch texture which I cleared partially away. This had darkened the image quite a bit and added curves to brighten the midtones and soften the shadows.
I then moved into the overall toning, reducing the saturation and adding some yellow ( it feels more like staining the highlights.
One of final elements was a gradient from orange to yellow  to black to add a slight discolouration on the left side.


I like the colour and toning I got with the image. Apart from that I feel that there is something missing, although I am not sure what that missing element is.

Week 76 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

Sherry Lynn Felix

To create my impression of a day in Chinatown I started with a mural at Second Avenue and 1st Street, East Village, NYC in Photoshop. I then imported turtles taken at the Chinese Market under the Manhattan Bridge at East Broadway. I used a blend mode “divide” opacity 65% duplicated the layer and used a blend mode “subtract” opacity 20%. I duplicated those two layers and flipped them and placed part on the left wall. The result is a ballerina floating among cloud like turtles.


Michelle Lunato Photography

Amy World Is A Book

Please check out the links to the other members posts to see how they make their image pop.

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