After Before Forum wk83; Wishing for Summer.

The After Before Forum is a place where photographers of all levels can show how they get the wow in their photography. It is easy and fun to take part, you can check out how here.

Although it is not the most positive thing to be doing, I am longing for summer holiday this year. I am really excited and can’t wait to spend a week away from the modern world and escape with some photography. Looking back at some of last year’s pictures have really been making my anticipation increase even more.

Summer in the Harbour

For this weeks picture, I didn’t do too much editing in Lightroom. I first just toned the whole image to make the colours pop. The greens, blues and reds really jump out of you. I increased the exposure globally, and with a gradient adjustment reduced the highlights to pull back some detail. I also reduced the exposure with another gradient adjustment on the top part of the image to darken the sky a little. Finally I sharpened the image and had a cup of tea.

Week 82 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

Sherry Felix 

Steps to create the after version of the robin in Photoshop:

  1. Black and White adjustment layer chose Infrared
  2. Warm photo filter 5%
  3. Hue/saturation adjustment layer Saturation +33
  4. Duplicate robin and mask the bird
  5. Red photo filter 25%
  6. Copy and flatten the layers …
  7. on1 Effects (PS add-on) chose “Cans on Shelf”
  8. Underwater Photo filter 56% applied to the on1 layer

Please check out the links to the other members posts to see how they make their image pop.

If you wish to take part in the forum next week check out the forum guide here.

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6 thoughts on “After Before Forum wk83; Wishing for Summer.

  1. Hi, Ben. It’s been forever since I’ve visited. Seeing everyone’s comments, it seems you’ve been “away” too. Real life for me has taken over the past three months and blogging has had to take a back seat, sadly. Anyway, I love your after photo – the saturated colors just ooze summer! I’m also trying to figure out how the after image seems “bigger” in what it captures.

  2. Ah, that’s my problem. I don’t drink tea. We’re just starting winter here. It will be 81 for Thanksgiving this Thursday. I’m not looking forward to summer. I never do, living in the desert!

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