About Aperture64

Aperture64 is an ever evolving photo blog, originally a place for me to find my feet before I started teaching a photography course. Now it has developed and has become a place for me to showcase my work and discuss my ideas and opinions of photography.

Who Am I?


My name is Benjamin Rowe, I am predominantly a Landscape and Still Life photographer. I have been shooting pictures for nearly 12 years with a slight dry period in between. I started taking pictures at college, while studying photography, shooting black and white and colour film before moving to digital during the glorious DSLR revolution. Currently I live in Lodz in central Poland and apart from taking photographs I also teach photography as well as English.

What Will You Find Here?

You will fins a mix of my photography here. I have taken a break in posting recently but hope to be back up and posting like my old self again.

Where Else Can You Find Me?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 500px.

Blogs I like to Read

self-portrait-2012On wordpress

Leanne Cole Photography

Burnt Embers

Photo Focus


Cornwall Photographic

On the web

JpegVsRaw Podcast

Spoon Graphics

The Phoblographer


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59 thoughts on “About Aperture64

    • Photography is a democratic medium, with equipment for everyone no matter their skill level. It is not the camera that takes the picture but the person.

      I love reading about photography looking at photography as well as teaching but the thing i love most is taking a picture.

      Please feel free to follow me, I write different posts trying to have something for everyone, while having fun at the same time.

      • I will consider your blog. I tend to follow bloggers that I can learn from. I am too old to learn fancy skills. I just want to produce sharper, cleaner, lines within my little ole ability. For that I need a prime lens and I can’t go there right now.

        Thanks for replying to my comment. I appreciate your time.

        Regards ,

  1. Hey Ben, was nice to have you visit yesterday…I wanted you to know, I enjoy your blog because there is so much to learn here, to read, to absorb…because of this I stop by now when I have lots of time, so I can read as many posts as possible…that way I don’t skim over them quickly and possibly miss something important! I’ve come to think of your posts as classes if you will…important classes…for that I thank you!

    • Heather, I am really happy that you enjoy my posts, and take your time to read them. I know recently my posts have been less infomation filled than usual, this is due to the end of the school year coming up. I have some great posts planned just need to write them. I hope you continue enjoying my classes ( posts 😉 )

  2. I am “clicking over” from Leanne Cole’s feature of your work. Wow. I love your images and appreciate your candidness in your interview with her. I can’t ever seem to get close enough to the details I see around me. I look forward to following and wanted to say, thanks for sharing what you see. Your work is beautiful.

  3. Benjamin, thanks so much for the likes you have left on my posts and for your follow. I truly appreciate it. My apologies for not visiting your site sooner. I have definitely been missing out! Wonderful photos, wonderful information, thoughtful questions posed. I’m delighted to join your community of followers!

  4. Hi Ben
    First off an apology…I’ve been really lax in having a close look at your pages after you’ve been so kind to ‘like’ mine on your visits, As an excuse, I have spent quite a lot of time travelling about in recent months with all sorts of internet issues, but I still should have got around to commenting sooner. Forgive me :-)…
    Your blog really is excellent…..I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve so far seen, and I’m extremely impressed with the way you communicate your enthusiasms, a lot of which we seem to share…..
    Keep it up and enjoy your photography.

  5. Nice to meet you Benjamin and I hope you are enjoying Lodz. Due to go to Wroclaw in the New Year so any tips just let me know – great Polish delicacies, any hints on Wroclaw if you have been there…..great beers….Just popped over to say many thanks for the follow on my humble wee blog. Greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed. Feel free to add comment. Now allow me to take a tour of your own fine site, MM 🙂

  6. I happy I found your blog, I write in terms my ADD brain understands, lol. I’ll be back to read through and catch up on what everyone else seems to know and I’m still shaking my head over. Thanks for stopping my little blog. 🙂

  7. Hi Benjamin,
    I enjoyed walking through some of your work – it is marvelous. I am still working on my technique after many years as an on-again-off-again photographer. I am following and looking forward to seeing more.

  8. I was just reading good things about your blog and the information you are willing to share about photography on Amy’s blog (The Book of Life). Then a short time later I realized you had “liked” one of my photos. I am honored! Thank you for stopping by.
    I am excited to learn of your page. I plan to dive into the information you have posted….I am very much a rookie photographer with a great desire to learn.

  9. Hi Ben. Just noticed that you may have updated your WordPress site. It is really well organized and the gray background is easy on the eyes! I wondered how you have it organized… are the menu items up top (Landscapes, 30 day photo, etc) separate blogs, or pages, or something else? I made an attempt to better organize my site and I’m not really happy with it so far. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, Karen M

    • Hi Karen, I had to sit down with my blog and draw a plan of what I wanted. All the things in my menu like landscape, 30day photo challenge ect are links to catagory pages. Each time I add a post to the catagory it is added to the page, making it nice and simple. I also activated something called portfolio on my theme and moved projects and portfolio there.
      The best way I found to organise is to sit with an pen and paper, and create a flow chart of what you want people to click on and see, also try and have a minimum of three clicks between where someone is and where they want to go. When I planned I also cemented more what my blog was and wasn’t.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks, Ben, that’s very helpful. I wasn’t aware of category pages or portfolios, so will look into that. It seems like a nice easy way to run it once it’s set up. Thanks for sharing your learnings!

  10. Hi Ben, Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment on my latest post is very much appreciated. Now I am following yours. Hope I can also learn more from a talented photographer like you. Thanks.

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