After Before Friday Forum Guide

After-Before-Friday-2015The “After Before Forum” was the brain child of Stacy Fischer. For over a year she organized and curated the forum. The “After Before Forum” is a place for photographers of all skill and ability to share how they get the wow from their photos; by submitting a before edit picture and after edit picture to the forum, along with a description of how they edited the picture in a post on their blog. The goal being a peak behind the curtain on how others edit their pictures and to share and learn new skills we can apply to our photos.

Every Friday I will host the forum happily posting your after and before photos with a link to your blog. Except the first Friday of the month, which is One Photo Focus (Hosted by Stacy) when we all edited a photo contributed by a member of the forum. If you wish to create your own post with your images, you simply publish your own post with a link back to mine.

How to take part;

Submitting Images

Resize your before and after picture, with the longest side not longer than 1000 Pixels. If you need help let me know.

Rename the files to –

Your Name Before wk

Your Name After wk

If you wish to watermark your images, that is fine.

Email your pictures to me at no later than midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time) Wednesday, two days prior to the post.

In the subject line include the phrase “After Before Forum”, also include in the email your name, your blogs address, and if you are writing a post to go along with your pictures a link to the post. You can also write a brief over view of what you did to whet the appetite of people coming to the forum post to follow the link to your post.

What to do with your post

The forum works best when everyone is exchanging ideas and opinions. It is encouraged for you to write a post on your blog describing your editing decisions. You can tag the blog ABFriday and add a link back to the main forum post ( I will send this to you each week when I receive your submission to the forum).

Scheduling your post

All After Before Forum Posts go live on Friday Morning at 8am EST. If you publish earlier, then there is no current After Before Forum post to visit; if you publish later, anyone clicking on your gallery link in my post will get an error message until your post goes live. That being said, the choice about writing a post and when to schedule it is ultimately up to you.