Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Egg Hunt is a project I have undertaken specially for Easter. The project was initially inspired by Emma Davis (Twitter <a href=”https://twitter.com/LovingOurPics”>@LovingOurPics</a&gt;) who shared a project of taking 20 shots of one object. I really liked this idea and was thinking about what I could photograph in a similar way. While trying to find milk (I am Lactose intolerant so either drink Lactose Free or Goats milk) in Tescos, I saw all the Easter tat for sale and these bright eggs jumped out at me. I bought the eggs and ate the sweets inside and then got to thinking about different compositions.

My first idea was to photograph them in a controlled light environment though the number of ways of photographing the eggs was limited. While prepping classes for Easter I was printing colouring materials, one of the images is of a girl picking up eggs and I thought, why not an “Easter Egg Hunt” theme for the project. This would be quite easy, head to the park, find places to hide eggs and photograph them.
I liked this idea for two reasons; One I would have to look for locations and scenes on the fly and two I would be at the mercy of what I found.
One thing I did know for sure was that I wanted bright colourful images to represent the new life of spring and Easter.

I had some problems with the project firstly weather, I would be photographing outside and the weather would need to be dry and at least with sun shining even it is intermittently. Of course the weather was bad the week before last (Easter week) and only broke two days ago (on the Wednesday before Easter). While waiting for the weather to improve I did however think about some specific shots I wanted, for example “Three Eggs” with all the eggs in the shot.  Another problem was that the eggs needed some help balancing in their positions; this was accomplished in the end by adding dirt to the inside of the eggs to weigh them down.

Shooting the project I used Canon 50mm f1.4 and 18-135mm lenses. I used both of these because the 50mm lens has great bokeh and creates really intense colours and the zoom at 135mm would help separate the subject from the background. On each lens I also had a circular polarizer to create even more intense colours.

Although the aim was to have 20 compositions I actually culled back the collection to eleven. I did this to create a more rounded group of images. I will try to do another project like this again with one subject photographed in multiple compositions.

Let me know if you have done anything special for Easter and links the comments box below. Also if you have anything positive or negative to say about the images or anything else you can let me know below as well.
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