EC2 Lodz

EC2 was the second Coal Fuelled Power Station built in the city of Lodz. The construction for EC2 began in 1955 and was a copy of the previous Powerstation EC1 which was still in use at the time.  In the 1960’s EC2 was running 6 and 8 turbine boilers and the facility was extended in 1966 to include a new boiler and 32.5MW Turbine. New boilers were put into operation during the 1970’s. Apart from generating electricity the powerstation also supplied hot water for heating to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Since 1970’s the Powerstation was not upgraded with newer technology and two new power stations were built in the city. With housing in the city becoming more thermally efficient, the demand for hot to heat homes even in the winter dropped. The power needs of the city could also be met by the two newer power stations EC2 was given no further upgrades, leading to its decommissioned in March of this year. The powerstation is still open but no longer generates any power and is used as a control center while the infrastructure is stripped.

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