Naturally Dyed Eggs Project

The tradition of dyeing Easter Eggs is an old tradition that is now replaced buying with chocolate  and plastic eggs filled with Jelly Sweets. Although decorating easter eggs can be dated back at least 60,000 years; in Africa ancient Ostrich Eggs  have been found with engraved decoration. Eggs Decorated in gold and Silver were also placed in Sumerian and Egyptian graves up to 5000 years ago. The Christian tradition dates back to the Mesopotamia, where Christians dyed their eggs Red in memory of Christs Blood.

It was traditional that before lent you had to use up all of your eggs as they were forbidden during the Lent. Days Like Shrove Tuesday, Fat Thursday and Mardi Gras may have begun as a way to mark the last days you could consume eggs. With the end of lent people then decorated eggs and consumed over Easter to create the easter egg.

Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in full.
All picture were taken using natural light with either; Canon 50mm 1.8 or Tamaron 90mm Macro 2.8. All pictures were edited in Lightroom Except “Natural Dyed Egg Collection” which was composited in Photoshop.

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All images are the Copyright of Benjamin Rowe , ALL RIGHTS Reserved unless credited to another photographer.
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