Emotional close up on the table landscape, that makes you laugh (photo a day catch up)

Yeah, so things have been busy and the blog took the back burner for a couple of days and I missed my photo a day topics.


When I was feeling a little disappointed with myself i did see this.


One of the best part of a wedding for me as a guest are the speeches. Speeches are a rollercoaster of emotions, from those moments of laughter when a subtle dark secrets has been let loose, to those tender moments of declarations of love.

Close up

This is an ever so strange insect I found in my apartment, quite close to an open window. I am not sure what it is or where its legs are. I used natural light and my mini tripod to take the picture. Close up you can make out small details of what I presume would normally be a blur when it flies past you.

On the Table

I commute a lot and if there is not a book or any music i just tend to look out of the window like a zombie.

I always find the first time on a new route interesting and seem to look diligently of the places I pass but after some repetitive journeys they become monotonous like the other routes. The same early morning sky with the same trees.

In reality though the landscape is continually changing with the seasons. now in autumn the green is becoming patched with reds yellows and browns.

Maybe I should pay more attention on my so called monotonous routes.


The landscape of my hometown in Cornwall. St.Austell has been monikered by some as St. Awful. A town that does need some TLC but lives in one of the most beautiful areas of England. Sometimes you have to scratch beneath the surface to see what is really there.

Makes you Laugh

To be an uncle and have the power of photoshop comes great responsibility. Well sometimes uncles like to play. One rainy day is all it took to turn my beautiful niece into an elf like caricature.

2 thoughts on “Emotional close up on the table landscape, that makes you laugh (photo a day catch up)

  1. Looks like you’ve caught up! Life does tend to get in the way… your e-card sums up my week-end: a 3:30 am wake up (most unusual) found me organizing/archiving 3 years of desktop files. It took 9 hours but I managed to release 41GB of space from my hard drive – didn’t manage to get anywhere near the photos but that is for another day… Now I can fill it up again with stuff for my blog. Keep up the great and informative posts even if you do take a day off here and there!

    • Last week i think i over committed myself hopefully things will be better this week. I did get to write a lot of stuff but never had the time to edit the posts and post them but there is a lot of material sat in my sky drive.

      You now have 41 gig of photos to take, i look forward to seeing them.

      Thanks for commenting.

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