My First First Communion

First comunion

ISO 1250 f/5.6 1/30 Edited in Lightroom

In the past I have photographed many events, but until yesterday I had not photographed a first communion. I had always thought weddings were the most stressful event to shoot, as there is a lot riding on your ability to perform. If you screw up you may not ruin the day but the couple won’t have pictures of it (except some Instagram shots). Of course a first communion is like a wedding. There are some money shots you have to get and you can’t screw it up. Except unlike a wedding you are not the only one being there to take pictures.

There were 30 children having their first communion yesterday and apart from the family and friends with their cameras I counted one videographer and five other photographers there. The church was packed with many people standing at the sides craning their necks to get a peek at what has happening. My best description is a scrum at a concerts photo pit in front of the stage. For four of us we worked well around each other with professional courtesy. Of course there is always one. This photographer got in front of all of us all of the time, when quietly asked to move and give us room to get the shots we needed, he shrugged his shoulders like not my problem. At the end of the mass I worked out why he had decided not to take part in our photographic camaraderie. He had been hired by the school and most likely wants to sell his images back to the parents. In the end I got the shots I wanted and needed but I know some of my photographic brothers missed some of their shots.

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3 thoughts on “My First First Communion

  1. The clasped hands are excellent, Ben. It is a shame you had a difficult photographer with you but maybe the ability to sell his images is critical to him. I try to see the charitable side rather than plain bad manners. I don’t think I have ever seen a communion described as a scrum before. It made me smile.

    • The clasped hands was one of the shots I really wanted to get. I think because the rest of us were happy to share space and work around each other he kind of stepped on our toes and got our backs up. I suppose I if selling the photos is important to him then he needs to do it.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Andrew.

  2. Nicely done post. Covering a first communion sounds tough enough without having to deal with a discourteous fellow photographer. As you said, it seems like there is always one but, in my experience, rarely more than one. Nevertheless, your shot is excellent.

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